ApaCare Liquid Zahn- und Mundbalsam

ApaCare Liquid Antibacterial Tooth and Mouth Balm with new formula

Liquid enamel permanently reduces bacteria that cause caries and periodontal disease

Rinse 2 x daily for  30 seconds with ApaCare Liquid. The liquid enamel provides a protective coating for your teeth. ApaCare Liquid contains beneficial essential oils that prevent periodontitis and permanently reduce mouth bacteria. A pleasant protective layer of liquid enamel is formed on the teeth that you can sense with your tongue and that effectively remineralises your teeth. For adults and children over the age of 3 years or once rinsing is mastered. ApaCare Liquid does not contain any alcohol.

ApaCare Liquid Zahn- und Mundbalsam

ApaCare Promotion Tour in Germany 2015

In summer 2015 we started our Germany-wide promotion campaign for our successful product ApaCare toothpaste with liquid enamel. Over 3 months our promoters visit several city centers via Segway, in order to inform the public about the excellent properties of ApaCare to preserve and protect the teeth carefully. Free samples of toothpaste were distributed.

We toured here: Karlsruhe, Reutlingen, Tübingen, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Friedrichshafen

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